Meet Your Moment Experience: It’s More than a Building, It’s a Movement

Leadership Training Facility
What do your values mean to you? How do they ignite your daily life, fuel your professional journey, and steer your everyday decisions?

In a world filled with individual and national challenges, our choices can chart the course for the future of our lives, our communities, our institutions, and the global stage, shaping the America we envision.

Enter the National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center, the trailblazers of a captivating movement. We are on a mission to introduce leaders from all walks of life to the timeless values that propel ordinary individuals towards achieving the extraordinary. What sets us apart? We’re the only organization in the nation committed to uniting and empowering citizens with the profound values of the Medal of Honor: Courage, Integrity, Commitment, Sacrifice, Citizenship, and Patriotism.

Every influential movement needs a home, and we proudly establish ours in a place dedicated to patriotism. It’s not just any place; it’s one of the world’s most renowned travel destinations. We are building a $75 million, 50,000 square-foot conference center and immersive guest experience taking root at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s not merely a fun experience; it’s an awe-inspiring transformation that transcends the very essence of the Medal of Honor.

This ambitious project is led by a dedicated team of veterans and citizens who are passionate about paving the way for future leaders. They believe in preserving the stories of our country’s greatest heroes and passing on their legacy.

I want my story to help others see what’s extraordinary in themselves.

Medal of Honor Recipient Corporal Kyle Carpenter, War on Terrorism (Afghanistan)
- U.S. Marine Corps

With wonderful artifacts, galleries, immersive demonstrations, and experiential exhibits, guests will embark on an exhilarating journey that compels them to become leaders in their own lives by:

  • Hearing the inspiring stories of regular people facing extraordinary moments and understanding why their values made a difference.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of citizenship, overcoming challenges, and making crucial decisions when it matters most. Exploring ethical decision-making and applying Medal of Honor values in various aspects of life.
  • Honoring Medal of Honor heroes who displayed extraordinary valor in military action, offering insights into your own leadership values.


But this is more than just a building; it’s part of an effort to revitalize America through a nationwide leadership development program based on Medal of Honor values. We aim to be the go-to source for values-based leadership education and a driving force behind a national conversation on this topic.

Our programs focus on real-life values and experiences, not just theories. This allows us to easily collaborate with other leadership programs in higher education and across all sectors of America. This conference center will be a portal for character development, leadership symposiums, certification programs, retreats, and immersive multimedia exhibits. Construction is set to begin in late 2024, so stay tuned for this exciting journey toward leadership excellence.

To make this vision a reality will require us to come together. Like selfless visionary leaders before us, our collective efforts have the power to shape the destinies of many, guaranteeing that the very essence of our cherished American tradition lives on for countless generations. We invite you to Join this dynamic movement and be a beacon of inspiration for American leadership. Your moment awaits!

– Barney Barnum