Folan: Sacrifice, Integrity Worthy Aspirations for ’24


Photo Credit: Catholic Memorial students pose with Medal of Honor winner Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts. (Photo courtesy Peter Folan) 

Published January 1, 2024, by Peter Folan, Boston Herald  – Everyone needs role models and to be inspired and aspire towards something greater. Before the Army-Navy game at a leadership symposium hosted by the National Medal of Honor Leadership and Education Center, a group of Catholic Memorial seniors and I found all three.

The event showcased esteemed New England Medal of Honor recipients Thomas Kelley and Ryan Pitts, as well as Rear Admiral Tom Lynch. The distinguished panelists shared the values and virtues they relied upon in the most challenging of moments. They highlighted the importance of being authentic, having integrity, embracing hard work, and the importance of devoting oneself to others. Their humility, courage, patriotism, and selflessness inspired all in attendance.

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