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About the National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center

The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center will prepare citizens with the leadership knowledge, skills, and examples from our Medal of Honor recipients, empowering them to overcome adversity and realize greater opportunities.

With a nationwide digital educational platform and audience-curated visitor experiences, Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and locations will learn leadership virtues of Courage, Integrity, Commitment, Sacrifice, Citizenship, and Patriotism to inspire them to transform lives, shape the future, and carry forward the best traditions of what it means to be American. We invite you to learn about our exciting mission.

Please join us in this historic campaign to Inspire, Educate, Honor, and Unite America.


A Nation united and empowered by the values of the Medal of Honor.


To inspire, develop, empower, and challenge leaders through the values embodied by our country’s Medal of Honor recipients.

A National Education Platform

The Leadership and Education Program will embrace and inspire learners of all ages to join us on their own journey to ground their motivations and purpose in these core values. The program will provide a value-based framework designed to immerse learners in the values of the National Medal of Honor.

This interactive experience will provide educational sessions in low-stakes settings with opportunities to explore, practice, and hone the skill sets derived from the six core values – Courage, Integrity, Commitment, Sacrifice, Citizenship and Patriotism

In collaboration with higher education institutions and businesses, we will design and deliver innovative, values-driven leadership development programs focused on the Medal of Honor values.  Delivered in two tracks, both emerging and experienced leaders will develop the necessary skills to meet their moment and become a force to inspire American leadership. 

Two Program Tracks:

Emerging Leaders Track

The Emerging Leaders Track is designed to help individuals hone the character and ethical decision-making skills needed to meet the demands of their leadership moments.

It provides educational experiences for individual learners and resources for college educators who teach leadership and ethics. This track will:

  • Connect learners with MOH Recipients, government leaders, and decision-makers from varying sectors who utilize values-based leadership principles

  • Provide learners with an ethical toolkit for navigating complex challenges based on the six core values

  • Offer state-of-the-art learning resources, interactive experiences, and case studies for college educators that allow them to integrate Medal of Honor values-based leadership into existing courses

Existing Leaders and Organizations Track

The Existing Leaders and Organizations Track is designed for more experienced leaders within organizations, helping them better understand how to build and enhance a values-based organizational culture.

This track provides custom values-based leadership seminars for partner organizations and helps leaders understand how to build values-based organizations. Our corporate partners can expect to see measurable value from our program, including:

  • Increased Employee Engagement: Our program helps organizations develop a more engaged and motivated workforce by fostering a culture of values-based leadership

  • Improved Team Performance: Our program helps organizations build high-performing teams that are aligned around a shared vision, shared values and committed to achieving common goals

  • Increased Resilience: Our program helps organizations build resilience by teaching leaders and teams how to respond effectively to adversity and overcome obstacles

What You’ll Learn:

  • Based on the values of the MOH Recipients – courage, integrity, commitment, sacrifice, citizenship, and patriotism – participants will learn where these values may present themselves in a leadership journey

  • How to meet leadership moments and deal with complex ethical decision making based on the values

  • In-person masterclass experience will give participants the opportunity to practice these new skill sets in a low-stake environment
    • Put participants in decision-making shoes
    • Learn from what manifests during role-play
    • Processing with a group of peers, well-researched educators and living recipients
    • Preparing leaders to meet their moment when it arrives
  • Learn from the example of others – including living Medal of Honor Recipients

  • Using research-based curricula alongside the integration of real-world case studies and living examples to build new conversations around leadership using the 5 values with peers/like-minded, similarly value-based individuals

  • What is your own personal value system and how do your values interact with your decision making process?

Experience the Leadership and Education Center

The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center will be a destination unlike any other facility in the nation, providing individuals with a transformative journey that expands beyond the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum.

Inspired by the leadership traits exemplified by Medal of Honor recipients, The Center will offer curated educational programs to transcend the museum’s lessons of courage into everyday life. Online programs, classrooms, meeting rooms, and a resource center will allow visitors, school groups, and college classes the ability to continue education and leadership goals. The Center will also act as a collaborative space for organizations and partner programs.

Lush outdoor courtyards will provide visitors with spaces for reflection, while the architecture and interior design will allow for a powerful sensory experience.

The Center will also be the home of the National Medal of Honor Society headquarters, whose mission is to preserve Medal of Honor recipient archives and curate national education programs.

The Medal of Honor is the highest award of military valor and has been bestowed upon more than 3,500 courageous soldiers for valiant and honorable actions in wartime conflicts. In our mission to inspire American leadership, the National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center Experience will be located land side, and designed to act in concert with the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum, which is located on board the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Museum is designed to bring the courageous wartime stories of Medal of Honor recipients to life — across all military branches, from the Civil War to the present day. The National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Experience Center will be a curated visitor experience designed with immersive, multimedia exhibits to emphasize what unites us as Americans; to promote Medal of Honor values; to provide context to understand the recipient’s stories; and to inspire visitors to positively shape their futures.

With artifacts, galleries, immersive demonstrations, and experiential exhibits, the facility will evoke unparalleled emotion and:

  • Tell the dramatic, inspirational stories of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary moments. How they responded reflects how they were prepared and why their values mattered then (and matter still).

  • Provide a broader understanding of citizenship over self, overcoming adversity, and making crucial decisions in critical moments.

  • Encourage timeless explorations of ethical decision making and applying Medal of Honor experiences into our present contexts of business, healthcare, education, and more.


Located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, adjacent to the historic Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum and other military attractions, the Charleston Harbor’s serene waterfront with marsh grass, dolphins. and manatees—along with the famous Ravenel Bridge—will serve as the backdrop of the new National Medal of Honor Leadership & Education Center.

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